Marketing is a critical activity for any firm – large or small, for profit or not-for-profit.

Marketing focuses on the ways in which complex markets work from the perspective of how firms, consumers, and other stakeholders interact. More than merely advertising or selling things, marketing considers all the ways consumers and firms co-operate, and how they impact both business-level outcomes (e.g., brand equity, profitability, long-term growth rates) and consumer-level outcomes (e.g., brand attitudes, customer loyalty, consumer psychology and well-being).



    The field of marketing is an exciting one for research; technological advances such as the rise of mobile devices, the ubiquity of social media, and the deluge of customer data feeding highly sophisticated AI-based analytics, mean that it’s constantly changing. Our research broadly focuses on all these changes, ultimately seeking to understand the complex marketing landscape of today, and to impact the future of marketing thinking and practice. The group is led by Professor Andrew Stephen and is closely linked with the activities of the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative, a collaboration between Oxford academics and leading practitioners who wish to shape the future of marketing through evidence-based research and ideas. 


    • Lauren Grewal,
    • Andrew T Stephen
    • Christian Hughes,
    • Vanitha Swaminathan,
    • Gillian Brooks

    Shivering for Status: When Cold Temperatures Increase Product Evaluation(opens in new window)

    Journal article  |  JOURNAL OF CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY  | 
    • Jaewoo Park,
    • Rhonda Hadi

    The Influence of Product Aesthetics on Consumer Inference-Making(opens in new window)

    Journal article  |  Journal of the Association for Consumer Research  | 
    • Yanmei Zheng,
    • Joandrea Hoegg,
    • Joseph W Alba
    • Michael R Sciandra,
    • J Jeffrey Inman,
    • Andrew T Stephen
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    Our marketing department have been named best in the UK by the University of Colorado Boulder. Based on ranking data which counts contributions to a number of leading business journals, the group are number one in the UK, second in Europe, and third outside of North America.

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